AYNUO PDU waterproof and breathable solution

 We know that the small three electrics of new energy vehicles refer to the on-board charger (OBC), on-board DC/DC converter and high-voltage power distribution box (PDU). As the core components of electronic control, they play an important role in converting and transmitting AC and DC energy. .

 The development trend of small three electric power: integration, multi-function, high power.

 High voltage power distribution box (PDU)

 The high-voltage power distribution box (PDU) is a high-voltage power distribution unit that distributes the DC output of the battery and monitors overcurrent and overvoltage in the high-voltage system.

 The PDU connects the power battery through the busbar and wiring harness and controls charging and discharging, and distributes the DC power output by the power battery to the high-voltage electrical appliances such as the car’s OBC, vehicle-mounted DC/DC converter, motor controller, air conditioner, and PTC. It can protect and monitor the operation of the high-voltage system.

AYNUO waterproof and breathable solution

 Based on long-term R&D and application experience in the field of waterproof and ventilating, Aiunuo provides waterproof and ventilating solutions for well-known PDU companies.

 After a year of rigorous verification, Aiunuo successfully matched the waterproof and breathable products that passed the customer verification and met the actual needs for this customer.

product information



Protection class:IP67

High temperature resistance:135℃/600h

Environmental requirements:PFOA Free

Material: ePTFE
Airflow: :≥30ml/min@7kPa
Protection class: IP67
High temperature resistance: 135℃/600h
Environmental requirements: PFOA Free 



Post time: Aug-31-2023