Battery issues with laptops

As one of the most commonly used electronic products, laptops are ubiquitous in people’s daily life and work, playing a crucial role. The advantage of a laptop lies in its portability and portability, and the battery is a key indicator of laptop performance.

With the widespread application of laptops, more and more users are encountering the problem of battery bulges, which not only causes damage to the device but also poses significant security risks, greatly reducing the user experience. In order to avoid such problems and further improve battery performance and lifespan, Aynuo collaborated with a well-known laptop battery manufacturer to successfully develop and understand 01
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Laptop batteries are composed of multiple cells, each with a shell containing a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and an electrolyte. When we use laptops, chemical reactions occur between the positive and negative electrodes in the battery cells, producing an electric current. During this process, some gases, such as hydrogen and oxygen, will also be generated. If these gases cannot be discharged in a timely manner, they will accumulate inside the battery cell, causing an increase in internal pressure and causing battery bulging.
In addition, when the charging conditions are not suitable, such as excessive voltage and current, overcharging and discharging, it can also cause the battery to heat and deform, exacerbating the phenomenon of battery bulging. If the internal pressure of the battery is too high, it may rupture or explode, causing fire or personal injury. So, it is crucial to achieve battery breathability and pressure relief while not affecting the waterproof and dustproof performance of the battery casing itself.
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Aynuo waterproof and breathable solution
The waterproof film developed and produced by Aynuo is ePTFE film, which is a microporous film with a unique three-dimensional structure formed by transverse and longitudinal stretching of PTFE powder using a special process. The film has the following significant characteristics:
The pore size of ePTFE film is 0.01-10 μ m. Far smaller than the diameter of liquid droplets and much larger than the diameter of conventional gas molecules;
The surface energy of ePTFE film is much smaller than that of water, and the surface will not be wetted or capillary permeation will occur;
Temperature resistance range: – 150 ℃ – 260 ℃, acid and alkali resistance, excellent chemical stability.
Due to its excellent performance, Aynuo waterproof film can completely solve the problem of battery bulging. While balancing the pressure difference inside and outside the battery casing, it can achieve IP68 level waterproof and dustproof.

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Post time: May-18-2023