Packaging breathable and outdoor waterproof breathable

As we all know, in today's global economic environment, the chemical industry is strictly controlled and the environment is harsh, and the processing and production of chemicals is also facing severe challenges. This also brings huge challenges to a series of supporting companies of chemicals. In order to cope with these challenges, companies are bound to face the pressure of increasing costs and profit margins.

The packaging industry has a wide range of markets, and packaging is not limited to boxes and bags, but also includes containers. The aynuo packaging industry is mainly concentrated in packaging containers, mainly hollow plastic products, such as 50ml-5L, 5L-200L, IBC and other specifications, which are widely used in chemical packaging.

aynuo's venting products prevent contamination during chemical processing and production, and also help customers improve their product performance, bring new product selling points to customers, and improve customers' profit margins.

Packaging breathable and outdoor waterproof breathable
Packaging breathable and outdoor waterproof breathable1

Outdoor products are mainly equipment that needs to be configured during outdoor activities, as well as electronic equipment used outdoors, including furniture, clothing, sports equipment, etc., spanning multiple industries. Taking the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan as examples, outdoor products have become stable and saturated, and the market demand is also relatively large. Developing countries represented by China and India are still in the initial stage of development, and the outdoor market started late. It has grown rapidly since 2010, and the growth rate has slowed down in recent years. Among many outdoor products, the service life of electronic equipment needs to be guaranteed, especially such as outdoor lamps, communication base stations, sensors, etc.

Service life is the most important criterion for judging the quality of outdoor electronic equipment, but dust, rain and pressure difference are the natural enemies of outdoor electronic equipment, so the protection of key components of the equipment is very important, so waterproof, dustproof, breathable, balanced pressure difference , it has become one of the core problems that each outdoor electronic equipment company needs to solve in the research and development.

Post time: Nov-07-2022